Lower home prices are an opportunity for personal investors to acquire rental properties with good returns or to buy and hold single-family homes for appreciation. If you are a knowledgeable real estate investor, you understand that market data is crucial to your success in determining investment value. Often times you will ask:

What's the right cap rate to calculate the value of a rental property?

How much will rents and home values change in the future?

What's the overall risk of investing in a local market?

Which markets are the best prospects for investment?

These are some of the questions that savvy investors ask themselves. Did you know that this is just the tip of the iceberg? There is more information you should know before or during your personal investment venture into a local market.

Our reporting tools allow Personal Investors to answer many of the tough questions they ask when making investments.

Key Benefits

Accurate, reliable source of home value and risk forecast data focused on specific housing markets

Stay ahead of strategic defaults by monitoring the collateral value

Cost effective resource for community and regional banks

Pre-screen customers interested in home equity loans or HELOCs

Gain an Edge

Full access to reporting tools:

Home Price Forecasts
Rent Forecasts
Income-Equivalent Home Price
Local Investment Ratings
Local Cap Rates
Local Market Reviews

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