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Income from home equity lines of credit and mortgage originations is best protected when banks and credit unions have checked and documented the risks of lending. Examiners require monitoring of not just borrowers but also the condition of their collateral. Local Market Monitor can help answer questions such as:

What is the value of the home being offered for collateral, now and in the future?

Am I lending in an over-priced market?

Is the local economy favorable or unfavorable right now?

What is the risk that loans made today will have excess default rates in the future?

How much risk is already built into my portfolio of loans?

What happens to my collateral if the economy goes south?

Key Benefits

Accurate, reliable source of home value and risk forecast data focused on specific housing markets

Stay ahead of strategic defaults by monitoring the collateral value

Cost effective resource for community and regional banks

Pre-screen customers interested in home equity loans or HELOCs

Gain an Edge

Full access to reporting tools:

Home Price Forecasts
Rent Forecasts
Income-Equivalent Home Price
Local Investment Ratings
Local Cap Rates
Local Market Reviews

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