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National Economic Outlook


February 20, 2019 The government shutdown affected most of the agencies from which we get data for our monthly commentaries, so this month we're just providing the basics. Next month we'll have a ful [...]

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National Economic Outlook


January 22, 2019 The economy is always changing, even though economists routinely pretend the data from one period can be directly compared with data from another. Some of the interesting changes can [...]

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National Economic Outlook


December 23, 2018 Because homes are so expensive, income is an important way to look at real estate markets. The disturbing fact is that average income - adjusted for inflation - has remained almost [...]

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National Economic Outlook


November 25, 2018 The Gross Domestic Product is one way of looking at the economy. It includes consumer spending, what companies invest in new equipment and buildings, changes in business and farm in [...]

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National Economic Outlook


October 23, 2018 After the wrenching ups and downs of real estate markets over the last ten years, it's fair to ask where we are now. Home construction can give us a partial answer. Back in the boom [...]

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National Economic Outlook


August 14, 2018 I normally don't pay much attention to the Gross Domestic Product. I'm not an economist and how you can accurately estimate the output of as large and complicated an economy as the US [...]

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National Economic Outlook


July 24, 2018 Manufacturing is no longer the engine of the US economy, like it was 50 years ago, but it's had a rebirth of sorts over the last few years as companies in America find they can produce [...]

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National Economic Outlook


June 20, 2018 While the monthly jobs data tell us how the economy is doing overall, it's also worthwhile to see in what ways it's been changing. We're used to the idea that manufacturing jobs have di [...]

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