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National Economic Outlook


November 16, 2021 Most of us thought the pandemic would have a deep but temporary effect on the economy, that our medical ingenuity would allow us to control and eventually defeat the virus and then [...]

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National Economic Outlook


October 14, 2021 The economy continues to improve, although at such a slow rate that we'll be lucky to just get back to zero by the end of the year - the number of jobs that existed before the pandem [...]

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National Economic Outlook


September 14, 2021 The latest data on home prices show an incredible surge in almost all markets across the country. This can't be explained through economic growth or population growth or income gro [...]

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National Economic Outlook


August 13, 2021 The economy continues to improve but apparently not fast enough to bring jobs back into positive territory by the end of the year. There are still 4 million fewer jobs than before cov [...]

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National Economic Outlook


July 14, 2021 Although the pandemic is still with us - now with the delta variant - most covid restrictions around the country have been lifted and economic activity is rapidly resuming. This means t [...]

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National Economic Outlook


June 21, 2021 Measured by retail spending, the recession was over several months ago. Just the idea that vaccinations will end the pandemic was enough to end the cautious behavior of consumers. It's [...]

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National Economic Outlook


May 17, 2021 As more and more people are vaccinated and as more states allow businesses to open, it's a good time to think about the longer-term fall-out from the pandemic, both nationally and for in [...]

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National Economic Outlook


April 19, 2021 Maybe there will be a faster recovery now that many people are being vaccinated, but that improvement hasn't yet shown up in the economic data. The report that the economy added 900,00 [...]

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National Economic Outlook


March 22, 2021 Although the US economy does a little bit better every month, it's still well below the pre-pandemic level. Most importantly, 10 million people who lost their job still haven't found a [...]

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National Economic Outlook


February 11, 2021 The latest job figures suggest very strongly that a real economic recovery won't take place this year. The recovery of jobs we've seen since last April has hit a limit because most [...]

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