Institutions that buy, sell or hold home mortgages need more than homeowner, mortgage, and property information to get a clear view of the risks they're dealing with. Particularly the risks of excess default in the future and changes in home values. These risks can overwhelm traditional mortgage analysis, as the recession made clear. Local Market Monitor can help answer questions about your portfolio including:

What's the true home value behind the mortgages I'm acquiring?

What's the true home value of the mortgages already in my portfolio?

How are home values likely to change in the future? What's the worst case?

How much excess default risk am I holding?

What's the Investment Risk Score for my portfolio?

Key Benefits

Accurate, reliable source of home value and risk forecast data focused on specific housing markets

Stay ahead of strategic defaults by monitoring the collateral value

Cost effective resource for community and regional banks

Pre-screen customers interested in home equity loans or HELOCs

Gain an Edge

Full access to reporting tools:

Home Price Valuation
Mortgage Portfolio Valuation
Mortgage Portfolio Stress Test
Local Investment Ratings
Home Price Forecasts
Local Market Reviews

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